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Who Are We?

Juniper Peregrine is the joint venture of Lula-fawn Peregrine and Juniper aka The Bendy Knitter. Bringing lovely handmande sewn, knitted and crocheted items to you. 

Lula-fawn & Juniper are regular attendees at a few alternative festivals and have taken inspiration from the styles of clothing they see. This can really be seen in Lula-fawn's gypsy skirts and Junipers warm and colourful knits. Festivals are also a great time to try out costumes even as an adult so expect to see some wonderful ideas brought to life and some of those ideas have made their way into the everyday wear items that are made too. After you can have fun with what you wear all year round not just in festival season.

Wherever possible we use high quality materials and always spend the time required to produce well made products with carefully selected designs and fabrics or yarns, We offer stock a selection of items at realistic prices and we are always ready to talk about made-to-order items, for special events or regular wear.

You can take a look what we've been getting up to on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Don't forget to keep an eye on the Facebook page to find out where we will be exhibiting in the future.

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The Bendy Knitter Logo

The Bendy Knitter

Juniper (aka The Bendy Knitter) has been knitting since she was a teenager and enjoys making good quality items using vivid colours and eye catching combinations. She enjoys knitter for all ages but is often found knitting for the latest arrivial in the extened family. She has also started crocheting  especially in really bright colours!

For Juniper Peregrine she will be making lots of fun coloured hats, scarves and blankets, you will also see some lovely little cardigans and booties. She's alos more than happy to discuss bigger projects including adult clothes but we're not likely to have thee in stock.

It's easy to find out more about Juniper's projects as she has her own website The Bendy Knitter which currnetly has a blog and massive gallery of all her work. You can follow her posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also for any knitter and crocheters you can look her up on Ravelry too.

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Lula-fawn Peregrine

Lula-fawn Peregrine took up sewing just over five years ago and quickly took to the craft under the watchful eye of Juniper's Nanna (a Dressmaker with decades of experience). She is now enjoying experimenting with various fabrics and techniques to produce the clothes she wants to wear and lovely items for family, while looking out for pretty much anything that might be a new challenge. 

Expect to see a whole host of skirts for adults and children, dresses for little girls, lots of costume bits and some lovely blankets too.